Low Cost, High Quality Laser Sintering Materials and Solutions

High Performance for Businesses, Hobbyists and Makers
Performance and Recyclability
Sintergy is a fast growing materials and solutions company supporting selective laser sintering systems for 3d printing and additive manufacturing.  We offer Nylon 12 powders specifically designed and custom manufactured for use in systems produced by 3D Systems, EOS, and Farsoon. Our materials offer great mechanical performance as well as good recyclability.  Our Nylon 12 powder requires as low as 20% virgin material for recycle blends reducing user's waste stream.

Payment Options
Buy Online and Bitcoin Acceptance

We are the first company to offer laser sintering materials for purchase online in small package sizes as well as being able to accept Bitcoin. For those who want to perform laboratory experiments on this quickly growing technology or the hobbyist looking for the next big thing in the prosumer arena of 3d printing, we can provide material economically with an easy online shopping experience.


Custom SolutionsCustom Solutions

Although Sintergy is young, we have over 20 years of industry experience having worked on the early SLS(r) machines at DTM and powder development programs.  We can formulate for custom applications or machine conditions with laboratory and production scale reactors.  Our material manufacturing and development is based in China where our only focus is laser sintering and the additive manufacturing market while keeping costs low.  The Nylon manufactured at our facility is not a by-product from other plastics suppliers which is commonly used in other powders.




Customer Service and Support

Moving forward, we look forward to bringing new low cost materials as well as expanding solutions for laser sintering and 3d printing.  We hope you will join us in this next big growth area in 3d printing.  Please contact us with any specific technical questions or application requests for additional information on our products.